The tallow candle

Paintings for the fairytale “The tallow candle” by Hans Christian Andersen in e-book format. You can find it and download it for free both in English and in Greek at http://www.openbook through the Google Play application.


On 2nd June 2013, the book was presented at the School for English owned by Christina Markoulaki.


It is an unknown early work of Andersen, which was discovered in a box at the National Archives of Denmark, close to the house where the great storyteller lived. It is a short story about a lonely tallow candle made of animal fat, which is dirty and neglected, until it is appreciated and its inner beauty is ignited. The manuscript is 700 words long and it became the object of research after it was discovered in a box owned by a wealthy family from the hometown of Andersen, the city of Odense. It was written circa 1823, when Andersen was 18 years old.


The creation of the e-book would not have been possible without the valuable contribution of Giannis Farsaris (founder of the open library Open Book hosting the book) and Kostas Stoforos, who edited the first translation made by Christina Markoulaki.

Materials / styles / forms

Water colour